Wood Shutters

For traditionalists and admirers of classic styles wooden shutters are the peak of craftsmanship and made from 100% natural hardwood—either basswood or poplar—and boast everyday beauty and long-term performance. 

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are a type of window treatment that combines the aesthetics of traditional wood shutters with the durability and low maintenance of modern composite materials. These shutters are designed to enhance the appearance of windows while offering practical benefits in terms of light control, insulation, and long-term performance.

Polyresin Shutters

Polyresin shutters, also known as faux wood shutters or synthetic shutters, are window coverings made from a type of composite material called polyresin. These shutters are designed to replicate the appearance of traditional wood shutters while offering several advantages in terms of durability, moisture resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Slider Door

Designed for large—but also suitable for smaller—windows, these broad panels are a statement all on their own. When open, the panels stack tightly and provide unobstructed views. Left closed, they display the rich fabric and texture.