Faux Wood Blinds

Looks like real wood with the reassurance that the material won’t age over time.

Our Faux Wood Blinds are made with a long-lasting wood alternative, available in both Grain finishes and a large selection of solid colors.

Bass Wood Blinds

For a rich, traditional look, opt for our Wood Blinds. The 100% real wood slats complement the lines of any room—like only wood can.

Curved Vertical Blinds

Take a minimalist approach to decorating your space with Vertical Blinds which provides a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

Available in both fabric and vinyl options, this window treatment brings a clean, simplistic energy into your home and keeps your art and furniture in the spotlight.

S-Shape Blinds

Our S-Shape Vertical Blinds offer a luxury aesthetic, featuring curved vanes that mimic sumptuous drapery folds.

Sheers & Shadings

Sheers and shadings provide a modern look at the window while giving you full control of light entering your room. The perfect blend of traditional horizontal blinds and modern shades.