Designer Roller Shades

With their sleek and simple lines, roller shades look equally as beautiful in a modern, minimalist space as they do layered under drapery panels in a classic, vintage setting.

Vignette Roman Shade

Designed to stand alone, or pair with complimentary drapery, Roman shades blend a traditional look with a modern functionality. With soft fabric folds that stack smoothly and evenly based on your shade height for a proportional and clean look.

Honeycomb Shades

The classic energy-efficient shade Honeycomb shades were engineered to trap air in individual pockets to create insulation to provide energy efficiency in both warm and cold climates.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades, also known as bamboo shades or natural shades, are window coverings made from various natural materials. These shades are designed to bring an organic and earthy feel to interior spaces while offering practical benefits in terms of light control, privacy, and insulation.