Woven Wood Shades

Natural grass, reed, and bamboo materials constructed into a Roman Shade.


Style Options—Woven Woods are available in two styles: The classic style stacks neatly underneath a low-profile headrail or waterfall coming off the front

Consistent Appearance—Woven Woods maintain a consistent folds appearance whether raised and lowered

Gorgeous Fabrics—Woven Woods offer sheer, privacy and room darkening liners, with textured natural materials picking a style and color enhances any decor


Optimal Light Control—For Exceptional privacy and light control, liners can be added to the fabric or independent giving you maximum control of light.

Durable Fabrics—The strongest materials for superb quality. Weaving techniques that minimize stretching, bowing and breaking.

Popular Fabrics

Hunter Douglas


Hunter Douglas

Bamboo Forest

Alta Fashions

Culture Collection

Alta Fashions

Grass Weaves

Transform a Space with Texture

Like the way a room looks overall, but feel like it’s missing a little something that you can’t quite put your finger on?

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