PVC Vertical Blinds

Take a minimalist approach to decorating your space with Vertical Blinds which provides a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

Available in both fabric and vinyl options, this window treatment brings a clean, simplistic energy into your home and keeps your art and furniture in the spotlight.


  • Easy cleaning with no fabric means less dust collection. 
  • Great for slider doors and large openings
  • Reduces outside noise


  • Patented Headrail—Our patented headrail design reduces light gaps and allows smooth, trouble-free operation.
  • Sun Control – Adjust the light to exactly where you want it to shine with traversing and tilting. 
  • Color Options—There are many color and texture options available with our PVC material 

Popular Woods

Hunter Douglas
  • Morning Fog
Hunter Douglas
  • Sea Salt
  • Pearl
  • Snow

Window Treatments for Patio and Sliding-Glass Doors

Why leave patio or sliding-glass doors bare, when you can add window treatments? Doing so gives you a trifecta of benefits: you can manage natural light, create privacy when you want it, as well as add a layer of insulation over the glass.

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