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Lutron Lighting Control Systems: Lutron Radio RA2 Your home lighting is a combination of natural sunlight and added interior illumination. Total light control is the ability to gracefully combine the amount of daylight and electric lighting in your home. We design lighting that provides stunning, preset illumination for any situation with the touch of a button, indoors and out.

One push of the ‘away’ button as you leave turns off all lights; at night, lights turn on and off randomly to make it appear as if your home is occupied. One-touch of the ‘arrive’ button illuminates each area you chose, instantly and without having to move through a dark residence. Easily setup a new lighting scene to match your usage, and recall it at the touch of a button.

As a dealer for the finest lighting systems available, we are trained and certified to accent your home design with just the right mood, making it more energy efficient, safe and secure.

Here are a few of our product lines:

  • Kirbe’ Vertical Drapery System
  • HomeWorks QS Lighting Control Systems
  • Radio RA2 Wireless Lighting Control Systems
  • Lutron Decorator Screw-less Wall plates and Receptacles

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